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Is the future of the internet mobile

With advent of truly innovative high speed mobile devices, is the web fast becoming a mobile market place, or will the limited screen size of mobile devices continue to hamper the growth of the online mobile community?

The president of Microcost, a French information technology firm has been quoted as saying that “by 2020 mobile networks will provide one-gigabit-per-second-minimum speed, anywhere, anytime.” Clearly download speed isn’t going to be an issue. The new arrival of Wide Area WiFi switching devices also means that a complete country-wide coverage of broadband wireless internet is not far off. So we have the coverage, and the mobile devices capable of using that coverage, so what is the problem?

Well, the problem is simple - screen size. Mobile devices have an inherent problem, the small physical size means a small screen size. With faster and faster broadband speeds web content has become much more graphically intensive, and populating these graphics to mobile device screens in a readable format is a real problem. Would you give up your laptop for something with the screen size of a carton of cigarettes - probably not. As screen sizes on mobile devices slowly increase in size and clarity, we are seeing more capable mobile internet applications appearing, but we are still a long way of the utopian idea of being constantly in touch with real time useful internet information anywhere any time.

The solution. Well at the moment there isn’t one. Careful, consistent and clever use of CSS and design can make mobile content useable, but significant hardware development is required before the internet will ever be a truly mobile medium.

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